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Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysis is a social psychology developed by Eric Berne, MD (d.1970). Over the past four decades Eric Berne's theory has evolved to include applications to psychotherapy, counseling, education, and organizational development. Key Ideas in Transactional Analysis (from I.T.T.A.)

Within the scope of Transactional Analysis key concepts include (Parent, Adult, Child) "P.A.C." model, The Karpman Drama Triangle and living one's "life script"

  • The Key to Recovery - Your Inner Child by A.J. Mahari

  • Honour Your Inner Child (From Soul's Thought of The Day) by A.J. Mahari

  • BPD: The Loneliest Inner Child? by A.J. Mahari

  • Inner Child to Parent in Adult by A.J. Mahari

  • Parent Response to Inner Child By A.J. Mahari

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    Ebooks & Audio Programs By A.J. Mahari

    Please note: It was recently pointed out to me that the "persecutor" and "victim" corners of this triangle are reversed to the way they should be. I am not the author of this pdf so I can't change it but I too, have always seen persecutor at the bottom right of the triangle and never at the top. This may or may not matter tremendously, in that the three aspects of the drama triangle, regardless of where they fall, are what we most need to be aware of in order to seek to move beyond this type of drama in our lives. -- A.J.

    Karpman Drama Triangle

    Karpman - Quinby Triangles

    Basics In Childhood

    Healthy Personality Devlopmental Structure

    How To Love Yourself

    Autobiography in Five Short Chapters

    The Five Freedoms

    Parting With Illusions

    Children Learn What They Live

    The Cycle of Dysfunction Abuse and Neglect

    10 Things To Learn From a Dog

    Personal Bill of Rights

    My Declaration of Self Esteem

    Ebooks & Audio Programs By A.J. Mahari

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