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Web Site Dedication

This web site is dedicated to the liver of life, the seeker of more, and to all of you who, like I, were wounded, have incurred many heart-wrenching losses, endured much pain and still search for a better, happier and more peaceful way. It is there for the finding. It must first be found from deep within yourself.

True to the reality of this web site, "Build it and they will come." As I continue to be blessed and humbled in my own life by my own capacity to heal, to learn, change and continue to grow more authentically me, day by day, it is an honour, "to work in the service of life and the living in search of the answers to questions unknown. To be part of the movement, part of the growing, part of beginning to understand..." (Calypso-by John Denver)

None of us will ever have all of the answers to all of the questions life presents us with. Life will never be a pain-free experience. Continue to seek what you need and want to find in life and know that the more you can be who you really are, who you are really meant to be, the more peace and contentment you will find in your busy times and your quiet times, your alone times and times shared in the company of others. To honestly enjoy life, life requires that you live it honestly from a deep-seated and heart-felt soulfully-spirited self that gently opens its arms in and through integrity and courage to all who cross your path.

Be a butterfly. Seek the transformation that your soul yearns for today. You will know many forms before you take flight. If you so choose "you will become a abandonly into the sun..." (Mariah Carey) Open your soul, heart and mind to all the riches that are buried deep within you for you to find. Each one of us has the capacity to heal. Healing is a life-long journey. Stay on your path and be true to yourself.

© 2000 Ms. A.J. Mahari

  • Site Disclaimer

  •     I have chosen to call upon Butterfly for the 
        over-all theme of this web site. In Native 
        American Animal Medicine Butterfly represents 
        Transformation. Click on the Butterfly 
        (left) to read more about Native Animal Medicine, 
        generally, and the Butterfly specifically.

    Materials on this site copyright (© 1996-2003) by MS. A.J. Mahari (, unless explicitly denoted as copyrighted by others.

    This Web Site is maintained by MS. A.J. Mahari (soul). Re-organized on March 24, 2000

    Last up-dated April 4, 2003

    since February 23, 1997

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