Amazon's (battle cry)

For desires of flesh our innocence was stolen;
our childhood's sacrificed.
Wounded,  not beaten,  we have survived.
The voices once quieted as children,  
now ring loud and clear.
Our stories will be told.

Together creating a shield that is strong and true;
like mythical warriors we fight for all women.
Breast to breast  we will conquer and soar.
Sharing a bond, regaining our strength, asserting our power;
we are the masters of our fate.
Looking through our hearts,  we know what is real;
our love is one that must not be hidden.
United in sisterhood,
Our truth does shine.


Why the name Amazon?

Who Are the Amazons?

"In generalized terms, an Amazon is any physically and/or intellectually powerful or superior woman, or, more specifically, any woman skilled in battle."

Jessica Amanda Salmonson in The Encyclopedia of the Amazons

"Amazons have been models for women who would resist patriarchy in everything from pair bonding and daily tasks to government and war." according to Claudia Card, in her book, "Lesbian Choices"

Amazons were ancient mythical warriors who fought for women, an identified culture that can be found today among modern women. Amazons were ancient warriors and we wounded yet surviving Lesbians, we are the warriors of today

To stand up and face your truth...the truth that you were sexually abused and the the truth that you are a Lesbian is a very Amazon-like thing to do!!

Like the Amazon warrior we have fought our battles and we have still battles to fight...our strength increases when in sisterhood, we unite.

Amazons were rumoured to have one breast. Historians have attributed this to, among other things, the sacrificing of one breast to Artemis, the Goddess they worshipped. Another theory purports that they cut off their left breasts in order to better shoot their bows and arrows.

There are certain proofs, ignored by non-believing historians including historical accounts, archeological finds and artists renderings of Amazons in Battle.

Are the Amazons a myth? I think that highly unlikely for just as many think we are not "for real" as Lesbians, and as survivors...well, we Amazons, we know better don't we?

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