By Margaret O. in the book: "Multiple Personality From The Inside Out" edited by Barry M. Cohen, Esther Giller and Lynn W.

"The more 'sane' I get, the crazier I feel.

Because I feel!

The walls I had built before kept the crush

of reality away.

Now it closes in and closes in.

and closes in.

Ripping, tearing, soiling

...and cleansing?

I watch it get closer

I know I am vulnerable.

I do not feel panic.

It seems so inevitable

So I stand stripped


to the elements of life.

There is no rapture.

There is no bitterness.

No great expectations.

No seething fury.

Just me...standing before fate.

But always with a choice

for myself

by myself

of myself.

I do no wish to commit death

But, oh how I hard it is to commit life!

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