The Wonderful World of Poetry

Poetry is one of the most prolifically profound reflective expressions of the human soul. It bears witness to our stretching and reaching to be more fully whole. It is the expression of our pain and sorrow, our happiness and joy, our angst, our fear, our longings and our losses. Poetry is the language of our inner-most thoughts and feelings put into words. We put all that we are into words in the hopes of making ourselves known and more real. We share our experiences because we all long to belong to the collective main.

Regardless of your experience, so far, in life, poetry will touch you in the places of your heart where you have lived and breathed the sum total of your own emotional strife.

Poetry is a heart-felt tribute to the will to survive and the ability to endure. To each and every soul who writes, reads and lives the poetry that is his/her existence; remember, you DO have what it takes to go the distance.

© Ms. A.J. Mahari October 10, 1999

The poetry that I have assembled here, I have written myself. To read what others' have written please go to Soul's Reading Corner

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