BORDERPD E-mail Support List

The Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) E-mail list is *moderated* by the list owner and provides an environment within which list members may share their concerns and issues and meet with supportive, non-judmental, and validating acceptance. Close friends, relatives and Mental Health Professionals are also welcome to join the BPD list.

NOTE: This list generates a very high volume of mail. If you want to subscribe please consider not subscribing at a work address unless you are able to receive a high mail volume. It is best to subscribe to this list from your own personal account. There is a digest option as well.

*PLEASE NOTE*--There are rules and guidelines on this list and they are enforced. When you are subscribed you will receive a copy of a "Welcome Message" which outlines these rules. If you do not agree with them or do not agree to abide by them then please know that this list is not the right place for you. I believe "very" strongly that a list such as this requires guidelines and would be an unsafe and unhealthy venture to be involved in if each list member was not expected to take full personal responsibility for their behavior and communication styles. The hope on this list is that it can help you practice appropriate skills and relating. It would not serve anyone to support "acting out" borderline behavior. If you subcribe to this list you are expected to respect yourself and others enough to not post abusively or against the rules of the list.

The Mandate Of The Borderpd List:

Is to provide a supportive, understanding and non-judgmental atmosphere within which the issues that Borderlines are at various stages of coping with in their lives can be explored, discussed and shared.

There is a lot of exchange of information on the various aspects of Borderline Personality Disorder in list member's lives. As well as a great deal of exploration of the challenges that each BPD individual faces in their own way and in their own lives.


While this list deals with and focuses on the issues of BPD it is in no way intended as a replacement for qualified professional councelling. This list is also not capable of dealing with any crisis that may arise in someone's life and therefore members are asked not to look to the list for this type of support. If you are in a crisis now or at any time should you join the list please seek help in your local area.

If you require any further information or have any other questions send a message to the list owner, A.J. Mahari at (

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