Borderline Personality Disorder

A.J. Mahari has 15 years experience as a Life Coach and works extensively in the niche area of BPD/BPD Loved Ones/Mental Health Toxic Relationships and Codependency Coaching as well as coaching those with NPD and their Loved Ones or Ex's. A.J. Mahari's mother has BPD, her deceased father, had BPD/NPD. A.J. Mahari had BPD herself, diagnosed in 1975, she recovered fully from Borderline Personality, in 1995, at the age of 38. She also had a brief relationship with someone with BPD/NPD, a few years after her own recovery, so she has been on the other side of BPD as well as the child and then adult-child of BPD. Today, she is 55 and has maintained her recovery over the last 17 years. No symptom management, that's a stage of recovery. Mahari fully recovered from BPD. It is possible and she has helped clients with BPD recover and helped thousands of people, BPD Loved ones, people in toxic relationships, with codependence and other issues to heal, recover, and live positive inspiring, happy, and productive lives achieving their goals and having healthy relationships. A.J. Mahari is an expert and as such has a lot to offer you. You can listen to her BPD Inside Out Podcast and read her Blogs and Articles and watch her videos to get a feel for how she can help you. Unlike others who are now working in this area in the last couple of years, they have not shared their narratives as A.J. has, they have not offered the same insight into BPD or the recovery process either.

A.J. Mahari has been writing about Borderline Personality Disorder and working to help those with it and loved ones online and in purchased sessions via Phone and Skype since 1995. She was the first to get online in the early days of the internet and share her own recovery and write about aspects of BPD its challenges and recovery long before anyone else ever did and she is still going strong in this passionate work of hers to help others find the recovery and balanced life that she worked hard to find herself. You can also purchase and listen to her Audio Programs For Those with BPD and her Audio Programs For Loved Ones of BPD Ebooks for those with BPD and her Ebooks for BPD Loved Ones to help you on your journey and to give you enough information about how much A.J. Mahari has to offer to you as a BPD or Life Coach that you can change your life working with.

My Borderline Personality Disorder Information - Articles, BPD Coaching For those with BPD and for Loved Ones of BPD including Ex's and those in patterns of more than one relationship with someone with BPD. My Videos, Ebooks, Audio Programs, and Life Coaching can now be found at Phoenix Rising Publications A.J. also has a BPD Message Forum for those with BPD and BPD Loved Ones and I also have a website for family members, loved ones, ex or relationship partners of those with BPD at The Other Side of BPD

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