Compulsive Personality

Cardinal Feature:

Repetitious behaviors or else irrsistible anxiety


Highly regulated/organized life-style, a "checker", a "hand-washer" -- Rituals of magic or checking, hoarding


Rumination prevents task completion, hyper-careful, doubting, indecisive, poor decision-making and follow-through, poor time management.

Excessively moralistic concerns, scrupulousness, intense self-evaluation/scrutiny, 'black or white' judgments.

Perfectionistic approach, over-attention to detail and avoidance of error, neatness, meticulous, a "fanatic", need for immediate closure

Officious, concern with form over content/procedures/regulations more than the goal/letter of the law not the spirit/orderly task procedures rather than the outcome, sees the world in terms of schedule/rules/regulations.


His/her only pleasure is in elaborate planning, only mild/brief pleasure with the completion of projects, a "work" not "pleasure" orientation

Joyless, solemn, grim, controls most emotions, unrelaxed, occasional intense righteous indigination.

Perceived lack of control of environment leads to intense depression, great need and effort to control tension and anxiety.

Fear of contamination


Industrious, reliable, efficient, loyal, prudent/careful


      - Demanding on others for doing thing his/her way,
      - Is seen as somber, formal, cold
      - Respectful, conventional, follows the proprieties,
        polite, correct,
      - Shows reaction formation in positive, socially
        acceptable presentation of self

Source: The Clinician's Thesaurus 3 - The Guide Book for Wording Psychological Reports and Other Evaluations, Third Edition, Revised, Edward L. Zuckerman, Ph. D.

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