A and B Personality Types

Type A Time Urgency:

Impatient, hurries, under pressure, prompt and often early for appointments, watches clock, walk/talk/eat rapidly, does multiple activities simultaneously, lives in the future/always planning, feel that 'there's never enough time'.

Hates delays:

Irritable, restless with other's pace, high impatience at having to wait for someone, rage at having to wait in line, detests waisting time, drives over the speed limit, evades red lights, is 'hard on equipment,' always underestimates the time a job will take.


Competitive, 'must win,' reluctant to share power/control/delegate, takes on more and more work, pursue more challenging tasks, makes bets, finds competitive aspect of all activities, plays hard as works, detests losing, plays to win even against children/friends, sets higher goals for self, challenging, concerned with getting and having rather than being, hard driving

Aggressive, ambitious, gets higher grades/income, measures everything in numbers/dollars, attributes success to own speed, Dominates conversations, emphasizes words in speech, finishes other's speeches, interrupts speakers, dislikes small talk, Continual emergency reaction.

Self-destructive tendancies:

       gorging on high-fat foods
       overuse of stimulants
       low levels of exercise
       high alcohol intake
       no time for self care
       works during vacations
       over-plan vacation's activities
       works in bed
       inability to relax/be unproductive
       fails to notice beauty/scenery/'smell the flowers'
       overschedule themselves
       guilt over relaxing
       always works more than eight hours a day
       sits on edge of chairs
       make fists
       clench jaws
       taps fingers
       jiggles legs
       rapid blinks
       never still 


    Constant struggle for control/avoiding helplessness inihibited need for power perfectionistic demand continuous self-improvement demand excellence in every area always seeking to improve efficiency underestimate own achievements more disappointment and self-doubt


    negative cynical critical ruthless in self-reproach self-examining


    recreation only with friends from work better communication at work than at home organized hobbies work as a substitute for intimate contacts reading is all work related work late more than peers do when awakened thoughts go to work live by deadlines and quotas creates unnecessary deadlines

Type B

    relaxes readily focuses on the quality of their life paces themselves easygoing 'one day at a time' less ambitious lower incomes/grades less irritable

Source: The Clinician's Thesaurus 3 - The Guide Book for Wording Psychological Reports and Other Evaluations, Third Edition, Revised, Edward L. Zuckerman, Ph. D.

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